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By now you should have all received an email about migrating but just to make sure here are all the details again…
Firstly welcome to Over The Top Tv
We have now completed the moving of all accounts from remote Tv to OTTTV
here you can find a short video on how to please ask that you watch this on how to get set up with

fix for you site – buy register get help
Below are your details for setting up on all devices and platforms
If you wish to use a MAG device you will need to log into your account and send us your mac code via support ticket
Kodi setup
There is 2 ways to install our add-on follow below for the setup you want
First just add-on only
Go to file manger and add to your file manger
Go to addons and install from zip file
In the gentecwiz folder you will find a folder called otttv in there addon called click on that to installOnce installed got to install from repository –OTTtv Repository —video addons—Over the Top tv Once installed got video addons open add-on and enter your details don’t forget to clear cache after entering your details
Second way is to install our build
Go to file manger and add to your file manger
Go to addons and install from zip file
In the gentecwiz folder you will find addon called program.plugin.gentecwiz click on that to install
Once installed follow the instructions to install a new build out build is ott tv build

I you get and error message when opening the addon there are a few things to try first.
Make sure your username and password are correct
click default first click ok then reopen settings and re enter your details
Go into addon settings and turn off advance settings in the other settings options
If you get buffing or kickouts try changing to m3u player in other setters or vis versa TS
You can also add your IPTV to Smart IPTV PVR simple client and VLC Player we don’t offer support for these but all you need is your m3u list which is below…
We also have and IPTV app that you can use on android and apple devices
We suggest you use app called GSE IPTV search for it in the app store
For mag boxes portal address is this this must be exactly the same or it will not work
please make sure you send a support ticket with your mac code
Here’s the link to sign up for our service and gain instant access. This is also where you can see our current price list:
Our current Channel List can be located here:
How to install on Android devices including our own Android app:
Android app download link:
How to manage your account, just login with your details:
Please feel free to contact us here:
In the Top bar where it asks for your domain you need to input the following:
Then input your username and password.
We do not have our own iOS app, but you can use the GSE IPTV app by following these simple instructions:
Firstly download the GSE IPTV application from the app store.
Then open it up and click the 3 bars menu drop down on the left side.
Now click Xtream codes API.
Now in the top right corner there is a + sign, click on that.
In the top box put OTTtv.
In the 2nd box enter:
In the 3rd and 4th boxes enter your username and password ensuring you enter correctly as it is case sensitive.
Click add.
All channels are now available.
When entering the app again, just go to Xtream codes API and the server will be there to open and view the channels.
If you are using a device or application that requires the M3U list then please use the following, take the XXXX out and put your details where should be…
For perfect player follow the below
download perfect player iptv from google store
**in playlist 1 enter the following link: **…
In the link replace the XXXX after username and password with your username and password we supply
**In Epg 1 enter the following link:**…
again please replace the XXXXXX in the links above with YOUR username and password
go back twice and if you have entered everything correctly you will see your channels and epg .
Over The TOP TV
1. Trying to re-stream will get you banned. No refund will be given if you are found to be re-streaming.
2. No abusive behaviours as we are here to do what we can, when we can.
3. If you do post a problem without any details we will just delete it as we cant help you without any details.
Here are some common fixes for OTTtv if you’re having any problems.
If you get an error message when opening the addon there are a few things to try first.
Make sure your username and password are correct. Please double check as the password is case sensitive (i.e. check for capital O not zero etc).
If using Kodi, ensure that you click ‘Clear Cache’ after entering your login details in the add-on.
If you are experiencing buffering or kickouts then try changing to m3u in settings or vice versa try changing to TS.
If you are running an Android device and are using Kodi and have issues then please try using SPMC. Sometimes streams run much better using SPMC.


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